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Management Consulting to Move Your Practice to the Next Level and Beyond

Every healthcare practice faces its own unique challenges. These can include stagnant growth, poor profitability, too few patients, and inefficient staff who fail to operate as a team. As such issues escalate, they not only block the potential of the practice, they impact the practice owner’s motivation and quality of life.

In business for over 30 years, Sterling knows the confusions, stress and inefficiencies that can slow down a practice. The Sterling program identifies the exact issues which need to be addressed and remedies them with customized consulting, management courses and regional workshops. We’ve shown thousands of health care practitioners how to effectively run their practices so they can do the work they love—helping patients.

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What Your Colleagues Are Saying

“I’m delivering more than twice as much care and making more than twice as much money while putting in about the same number of hours. And, of course, I could work less hours but I figure I might as well spend my time doing what I love to do. I’ve always enjoyed that part of things, the part where I’m treating. Now the financial pressures have been taken off and things are just a lot more fun. I don’t see me staying at this particular level, either. I can see continuing growth from this point on! We now have a 95-97% collection rate.”—K.R., Chiropractor

“I joined a practice when I first got out of residency. My practice grew slowly. In looking for ways to improve my situation, I heard about Sterling. My partner and I took some of their courses and found the material very useful. Our practice began to grow. Things really started to take off when I took the plunge and went out on my own. I reconnected with Sterling. My consultant suggested my office do an on-site training and implementation program as we did not have a good handle on production and collections. We agreed. Everyone involved in the office took part, and within months everything turned around. It was incredible! The on-site training helped to define roles and give each of us a purpose. We are all playing ‘the game’ and winning. I am able to enjoy my practice like never before. The more we use the technology, the better we get.”—T.H., Podiatrist

“Production has more than tripled. We’ve grown to a six-office, 70-employee practice. I credit Sterling with helping me work smarter, not harder, and giving me time for meaningful activities. They stayed with me for the long haul and have been there to answer my questions, help me acquire the necessary management skills and guide our expansion.”—L.F., Physical Therapist

“Sterling is in the business of relieving practitioners’ suffering. Subluxation occurs in businesses as well as in backs. Sterling knows how to diagnose the sick areas in the clinic that are causing stress, preventing expansion and profitability, and how to get all the parts back in alignment. Since I’ve started with them, I’ve never had to look for another way to expand the clinic or improve its operation.”—J.K., Chiropractor

“After graduation and completing a surgical residency, I took over an existing practice. My technical skills were good, but I didn’t have any real organizational skills. I would just shoot from the hip, handle problems when they came up and gave very little direction to the employees. After six years, we hit a plateau in growth and I wanted to move to the next level. At the time, I was president of the local podiatry association and I invited Sterling to speak at one of our meetings. I signed up for their program that same night. Using what I learned, I immediately started to take more control and monitor all aspects of the business. I started directing the activities of the business rather than just letting employees do what they wanted.  The practice started taking off and it’s been nothing but continuous growth since. One of the valuable skills I learned was how to manage personnel. I also learned how to communicate more effectively to both patients and doctors which has resulted in a steady stream of referrals from both.  When I started with Sterling, my goal was to move the practice to a new higher level. I’ve done that, more than quadrupling its size and I’m taking it even higher.”—L.S., Podiatrist

“In April of 2005, my physical therapy practice was at a standstill. I was treating patients 50 – 55 hours per week and felt like my main role was to run around and put out fires. I kept searching for that magic seminar or super ad campaign that would have patients knocking our door down, but nothing seemed to help our practice grow. I found out about Sterling and signed up. Since my initial course, our practice has steadily grown. Our practice is more secure; our employees are happier. Our income has increased by almost 10 times.”—C.M., Physical Therapist

“One of the biggest things we learned was how to manage by statistics, how to use the statistics we already had! We never had a true, valid way of tracking how the month was really doing week by week. . . . We were missing the vital steps one should take depending on what direction the graph is going. Once we started doing that, production went up because we had more confidence in what we were doing. When we started using this system and we could see what caused increases in production and what didn’t, we were able to get rid of a lot of unnecessary wasted motion in the office. Our collections are fantastic. We now have a 95-97% collection rate; the front desk cash collections are as high as our insurance charges. Our accounts receivables have dropped to less than a month’s worth of charges. . . . ”
—W.V., Chiropractor

“We were a high-producing practice to begin with. It wasn’t at all a failing practice, but I was having too many staff problems and nothing would get done. . . . I was working six days a week, eleven hours a day, and I was just exhausted. I said there has got to be a better way. I loved the program . . . I learned the necessity of an organizing board and office policy, the internal communication systems, how to get specific staff jobs done properly, and getting people able to do their jobs. . . . My practice exploded! I didn’t change the advertising one bit, and suddenly it started drawing like crazy. Referrals started happening. . . . At the same time I resolved the personnel problems I had. Before I went out to Sterling I had three staff quit. When I came back, Sterling helped me hire great staff to replace them. It seems to me that today so many chiropractors are in a defensive posture, what with managed care, and there is a trend to downsizing rather than going for it. I’d tell chiropractors that Sterling can give them the self-confidence to confront staff members and patients, and build the practice they really want.”—C.P., Chiropractor